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    CasiBiz sGrittystuctib@rocketslotsnow.co 15/03/2018 20:45
    Hello. I'm Jeff
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    Antonio Scazzarriell sgambj86@hotmail.it 26/01/2017 06:14

    I would like to thank the team that took has for a boat trip to Phi Phi island and surrounding islands. It has been a lovely day thanks to the smile of the tour guide and the rest of the team. She has been just brilliant. It has been a wonderful experience and we went back home happy and glad to have taken part in this fantastic day trip. I would suggest buying the ticket on the street or on-line rather than in the hotel where you are staying because you may be charged 2-3 times more of the normal price. I highly recommend this company for your day trip.

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    mayy bowbow2517@gmail.com 06/04/2016 08:23

    ТͽҡԡöѺҧ絴¤ ԡö 10 Ѻҧ ͧ   24 ·ҹդسҾʹԡӻ֡


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    yippy bowbow2517@gmail.com 09/03/2016 08:30

    ТͽҡԡöѺҧ絴¤ ԡöѺҧ 4 6 10 㹡âػó駺ٷԹ Ъ鹧ҹҧ ҡҢͧԨ÷ͧ觪鹧ҹ˭Ѻ١Թҷըӹǹҡ ö¡ԡöѺҧ 4 6 10

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    wiki sirinexplorer@gmail.com 15/10/2015 15:59

    I would like to thank you on behalf of my team for our boat day trip charter - June Bahtra . It was a lovely day out & the boat was really nice. It was a different experience for us . The service on board was excellent too . Our guide , Mr. Tom was very friendly & helpful . We would definitely recommend our friends to go on this boat. Please help extend our appreciation to the June Bahtra team for giving us a wonderful experience . Thank you again for your prompt service & good recommendation!!

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    sakda focusphuket@hotmail.com 15/10/2015 15:40


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    ͺ tan@igetweb.com 15/10/2015 15:19



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