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Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of SiamThe Siam Niramit Show

For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures, a cross-road where civilizations meet.
In Act 1, Siam Niramit takes you back to the past to witness...

The King and Queen lead a procession to worship relics of the Lord Buddha. They release a ceremonial lantern then the royal guards perform a display of swordsmanship.

In the south, Thai Buddhist and Muslim cultures blend harmoniously. Chinese merchants arrive from across the seas to barter goods.

Villagers celebrate the religious festival in front of the sacred temple. Suddenly an ancient and revered Khmer temple, appears before their eyes. “Apsara” (angels) magically come to life.

The peasants live a simple life, cultivating rice in the fertile soil of the Central Plains. Life in the palace, in contrast, is very grand, as Western ambassadors arrive to discuss foreign relations. Witness the magnificent procession of royal barges.

Despite their diverse cultures and livelihoods, Thai people are all bound by a common belief in the religious principle of the Law of Karma. Good deeds or bad deeds in this world result in merit or suffering in the next life.
In Act 2 we visit the three realms central to traditional Thai beliefs...
Fiery Hell, where the flames are fuelled by peoples sins, is ruled by Phrayom, King of Hell. He ensures that the condemned souls receive punishment that matches the nature and gravity of their crimes. Liars have their tongues torn out; alcoholics are forced to drink from a cauldron of boiling water; adulterers must climb a tree bristling with sharp thorns…
Himapaan is a mystical forest that exists at the boundary between our earthly realm and heaven. This beautiful and mysterious forest is populated by magical creatures such as kinaree (half woman-half bird), and nareepon (beautiful girls born from trees as fruit)... In this scene,we see Mekhala & Ramasoon, demi-gods who are believed, in Thai mythology, to be the progenitors of lightning and thunder.

Heaven, where Indra, the greatest deity of all, presides. Angels perform an elegant aerial dance.


Tour Price in Thai Baht per person

Program Adult Child
 Show Only - Silver Seat 1,450 THB 1,450 THB
Show Only - Gold Seat 1,550 THB 1,550 THB
Show Only - Platinum Seat 1,650 THB 1,650 THB
Show and Dinner Buffet - Silver Seat 1,700 THB 1,700 THB
 Show and Dinner Buffet - Gold Seat 1,750 THB 1,750 THB
Show and Dinner Buffet - Platinum Seat 1,850 THB 1,700 THB

Please read " The Terms and Conditions "

Child age is 4 – 12 years old and height is not taller than 140 cms.

Free of charge: Infant age is under 4 years old and Height is not taller 100 cms.

Siam Niramit Phuket Show is 20.30pm - 21.40pm

Siam Niramit Phuket Dinner Buffet is Served at 18.00pm - 20.30pm

Transfer Free all Phuket Locations

Siam Niramit Phuket is Closed on Tuesdays 

Program Adult Child(4-11)
1,750 THB
2,400 THB
1,750 THB



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