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Tiger Temple +Hot Spring+Emerlade Pool


Tiger Cave Temple

Time at Tiger Cave Temple is about 45 minutes

The Full day Krabi Sightseeing tour includes a visit to Wat Tham Sueua or Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi. Located 9 kilometres from Krabi Town, Tiger Cave is truly impressive. The actual Tiger Cave is just one of a complex of natural caves set into the limestone cliff in which the monks live and meditate. There are many stories of how the Tiger Cave got its name, some say there are Tiger paw prints set into a wall, others say that the shape of outcrops resembles a Tiger paw and another says that an actual Tiger used to live in it. Just a note that there are no Tigers at Tiger Cave Temple.

Hot Springs

Time at the hot springs is about 1 hour.

The Hot Springs are about a 40 minute journey by minibus from Krabi Town (1 hour from Aonang).

Start the day with a relaxing and refreshing dip in Krabi Hot Springs. Just a short distance from Krabi town and nestled into the jungle, the krabi hot springs really are a natural Jacuzzi. Copper in the water gives the stony deposits an Emerald green color and surrounded by the green jungle the place is simply relaxing. The water is a constant 35 degrees and is provided by several hot springs which combine into a river which flows down a waterall. There are many natural water worn hollows in the rock in which you can lie and let the healing minerals do their work.

Emerald Pool

Time at the Emerald Pool is approximately 1 hour.

A short hop from the Hot Springs will take you to the Krabi Emerald Pool ('Sa Morakot' in Thai). The pool is so called, not surprisingly, because of its colour. It really is a quite remarkable sight and does live up to its name. After your dip in the Krabi hot springs, a splash and a swim in the warm clear water is an incredible and refreshing experience. The Emerald Pool is set in lush rainforest jungle with towering trees and the constant rhythmic music of crickets and frogs.

08.00 Am Pick up form Hotel
  - Arrive at Hot Spring Relax In The Unseen Jungle Bathtub with temperature about 40-50 ķC A side form the hot springs there  hot water pools which make like spa system good for relaxing.

-Lunch time

-Start hiking in to the rain forest which many natural springs and pools along.The largest pool called " Emerald Pool "never dries up.
-We will Visit Tiger Cave Temple.Which was inhobited by the last tiger of Krabi , Is now a buddist famous for meditation
16.30 Pm Transfer Back your Hotel

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Package Includes :
-Hotel transfer
-Snack and 
-soft drink 
-Tour Guide 

Price for Adult 980 THB

Price for Child  880    THB

[ child 3-10 years ]

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