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 Elephant Sactuary form Krabi


Come and visit the Elephant Care House, learn about the elephants, make them some medicinal snacks and then wander through the countryside to enjoy giving them to the elephants. Then get in the river with them and help to give them a scrub, a mud pack and plenty of fruit. There is no elephant riding at the elephant Care House and you simply get to enjoy the company of these amazing creatures relaxing in idyllic countryside.

Elephant Experience - no riding, no chains

Krabi Elephant Care House has been set up as a retirement home for elephants. On the edge of the Phanom Bencha National Park is run by a group of local people who have worked with elephants for generations, previously using them for forestry work and then more recently for tourism offering elephant treks and bathing experiences.

They decided to set up the Care house as a place where the older elephants, no longer used for working can enjoy their retirement in peace and give the opportunity for visitors to get to see elephants in a natural setting. The area is 200 rai of rubber and palm plantation well away from the sound of traffic or any other human activity, rivers run through the property and it�s a huge area for them to enjoy.

At the moment, they just have three elephants at the Care House: Sau Oy, Sao Nui and Sao Id. They are all over 60 years of age and seem to be very much enjoying their retirement and may well live for another 30 years or more, and despite their age, they are playful and you can just tell that they are happy.

All the staff are real elephant lovers and you can instantly tell that these lucky few elephants are really well cared for. As time goes on, they are hoping that many other elephants will be brought to the Care House when they are no longer being used for trekking or other work.

At Krabitrek, we are all real animal lovers, this place really is fantastic. Krabitrek only offer this elephant trip and also the elephant trek and bathing experience that is offered by the same group of people. Supporting the Elephant Care House will allow them in time to move all their elephants away from the treks and into the Care House.

Krabitrek do not offer any other elephant rides at any of the other camps or any other animal exploitations like monkey shows etc etc. We are committed to improve the lives of all animals in Krabi.

Price for Jungle walk , Muddy and Bahting elephant 

Tour about 1.30 Hour , Running every hou

-Jungle walk with elephant though to rainforest.

-Get Mud bathing with your elephant.

-Take care elephant skin and relex

-Enjoy bathing with your elephant 

Tour Include :

-Hotel Transfer
-Fruit and drinking water

Adult Price 1,300   THB

Child  Price 1,000  THB [ child 4-10 yaers ]


Mahout , Muddy & Bathing Elephant + Elephant Hospital

Tour Program and Itinerary two time per day 

07.30-08.00 Am for Morning time
11.00-11.30 Pm for Afternoon time

07.30 Am Pick up form your Hotel
  - Learning to thai mahout , change dress an feeding elephant 
  -Let's get to know with Old Elephant and how to care 
  -Learn to make herb for Elephant 
  -Get Mud bathing with your elephant
  Take care elephant skin and relexing 
  -Enjoy bathing with your elephant 
  -Thai food and thai dessert served 
  -Visit elephant hospital,Onace of southern of Thailand
  Sightseeing how to care for sick elephant

-Retour to your Hotel 

Tour Include :

-Hotel Transfer
-Fruit and drinking water
-Thai lunch
-Thai dessert
-Tour guide
Adult Price  2,150   THB

Child  Price 1,500  THB [ child 4-10 yaers ]
Code :0950916833-0653838380

   083-5562242 , 089-8737663  


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