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...Highlights: great macro life/ marine diversity, nondiving activities...
...Diving environment: beginner divers...

As well as beautiful beaches and some wonderful resorts, Krabi, on Thailand's peninula west coast, offers some excellent diving. While most visitors make for Thailand's islands, there is as much fun above and below water to be had by exploring this beautiful area of the coastline.

Diving in Krabi at one of Ao Nang Beach's 7 main groups of nearby islands means immersing yourself in some of Thailand's most diverse waters where schools of reef fish, beautiful soft corals and wondrous macro-marine life are all present in surprising and impressive quantities.

For big fish fans there are plenty of sharks, including leopard sharks, barracudas and large groupers, all frequently seen patrolling the area. The area lies within the Hat Nopparat Thara - Mu Koh Phi Phi National Marine Park.

Diving Season Code 0954231205/0865960369/0628735708

The season for diving in Krabi is the same as that of Phuket with the high season, especially January to March, seeing the best conditions. Visibility is often 20m but may drop due to sea swells and plankton during low season, when there are fewer divers but less predictable weather. This can sometimes lead to cancellation of day trips to the sites further from shore.

The water temperature in Krabi can reach even 30°C during the dry (high) season, while even in rainy season it never drops below 27°C.

One of the most popular creatures at the Krabi dive sites is undoubtedly the leopard shark. Most of them seem to prefer staying in a particular area instead of making long journeys elsewhere. Their mating season is between March and June, when the female can give birth to as many as 35

Price In Thai Baht

Program Licence Local Diving Phi PHi Island
Fun Dive Yes 2,500 3,500

Try Dive

Discovery Scuba Diving

No 3,500 4,500
Snorkeling No
Open Water Crouse 13,800 16,500

Price are included - Equipment , Lunch , Fruits , Softdrink , Transfer , Insurance

Local Island Pick up 08.00 Am - 15.30 Pm

Phi Phi Island Pick up 06.45 Am - Back to the pier 17.30 Pm

National Park fee will not including in the Package

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