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Krabi Game Fishing at Local Islands, Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo Island - Big Boat Charter

Price for Private Boat FishingAdultChild
Krabi Game Fishing at Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo Island - Big Boat Charter
16000 thb
Krabi Game Fishing at local Islands - Big Boat Charter
12000 thb
Fishing by longtail boat (price per boat half day)
4000 thb

Big Game Fishing in the Andaman Ocean must be right there at the top of the list for fishing lovers.
Perfect crystal clear water, warm, and with waters teeming with fish of all sorts.

There are two options for location. The first is the local Islands which is the area around the 4 Islands just 15 minutes off the coast from Ao Nang. The second option is to go to the area near to Bamboo Island near to the Phi Phi Islands. Both promise amazing scenery and crystal clear water.

The local Islands tend to have smaller fish as the water is not so deep. They are plentiful though. Anyone who knows anything about fishing knows that there are no guarantees but on a typical day you have a very good chance of a good catch.

The waters near to Bamboo Island are deeper and the fish are larger. However, it is important to realise that even here, it is not really deep sea and real big game fish are quite rare. If you are experienced and looking for a catch of a lifetime, then you would need to take a trip from Phuket further North up the coast.

On both trips there is plenty of time for a bit of swimming and snorkelling.

A typical lunch would be fried mixed vegetables and green curry with rice, but assuming you catch some fish, they'll be quite happy to fry it up for you there and then on the boat.

All the equipment you will need is on the boat and available to use. The equipment is functional and sufficient for the type of fishing you will be doing.

The crew on the boat though are real fishermen and know the waters very well. They also take great pride in giving their customers a great time and will do whateevr they can to make it a succesful day.

There is a good chance of catching mackeral, grouper, barracuda.

For both these Krabi fishing trips, the boats used are real fishing boats that have been roughly converted to game fishing. They are roomy and comfortable but you would not describe them as luxury :)


Normal catches would include barracuda, grouper and king mackeral. Most days typical fish can be anything up to 10 or even 20kg.

The Captains really do know the area supremely well, the boats will go out to Phi Phi and Bamboo Island where the best fishing can be found. There is another area near Koh Keaw (Green Island), this is a little further and will be a slightly higher price. The Captain of the boat can advise on the day whether this might be the better area.

As these are private charters it is possible to choose your times of departure and return although if you are travelling to the Bamboo Island area, its best to make an early start as these boats can take up to 3 hours to get there (including trawling along the way.)


Please note that live bait is provided for the big boat charters. Live bait is not provided for the longtail trips.

The quoted prices are for the boat only. There is an additional charge depending on the size of your group. Please enquire with details of your group and what you would like to do, and we will give you an exact price.

Longtail boats are limited to two people actually fishing at one time. Others can come along for the ride though.
Hotel pickup and return.
A packed lunch, fruit and drinking water is included in the price The lunch is typical thai lunch including friend vegetables and a curry dish. Other food and drink can be provided, just tell us what you would like.
Any fish you catch can also be fried up and served on the boat (bigboat only). Or, you can take your catch back to your hotel where they will be happy to prepare it for you.

Note: There is a surcharge of 100thb for hotels and resorts in Klong Muang and Tubkaek.


A typical day will be about 8 - 10 hours. Hotel pickup for a day trip is recommended early at 07:00 am and return at about 5:00pm.
Night fishing trips are possible, but sea conditions are more temperamental at night and if it is considered dangerous, the trip would have to be cancelled. In the event of cancellation by the Captain, no charge will be made.

Price for Private Boat FishingAdultBaht
Krabi Game Fishing at Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo Island - Big Boat Charter
Krabi Game Fishing at local Islands - Big Boat Charter
Fishing by longtail boat (price per boat half day)

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